I’m Alexia Gordon, author of the Gethsemane Brown Mysteries, paranormal cozies set in southwestern Ireland. Book one, Murder in G Major, debuts September 13, 2016 from Henery_Press.

Book One, Murder in G Major, introduces Gethsemane Brown, an African American classical musician stranded far from her Virginia home. Getting back to the States takes a backseat to murder after she moves into a haunted cliff-side cottage. The ghost of the former owner can’t rest in peace until he’s cleared of bogus murder-suicide charges. Gethsemane investigates and soon strikes a wrong chord with a murderer willing to kill anyone, including Gethsemane, to keep the truth hidden. If Gethsemane doesn’t expose the killer fast, the final movement of this murderous symphony will be her farewell performance.

I’m working on book two in the series, Death in D Minor.

Murder in G Major is now available! Convenient ordering–go to My Book Table page for buy buttons. Or buy direct from the publisher.

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